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What things to consider while buying stretcher bars?

Stretcher Bars are essential for your painting, and printed canvas and an artist know its importance very well. It gives support to the art, and the artist can quickly draw or paint the canvas. Stretcher bars are available in the market in different sizes, and also different materials are used to make it. You can buy them from the shop or can make on your own.

There are many buying options for the customers; they can even buy them online. Whether buying from online stores or the shops, there are few things to consider choosing the right stretcher bars.

Things to consider-

Right size- size is critical as the right size will hold the painting correctly. Before choosing the stretcher bars to check the size of the canvas that you have to stretch to it. If you buy the large stretcher bar, then it will not fit, and the one that is short will give you the less space for the painting. Therefore, check the right size.

Right material- they are available in wood or any other material. The best stretcher bar is one that is made of wood Also see the type of timber from which is made. That is important because some wood is not very durable and does not stay for longer period. Therefore, for reliable durability right wood is essential.

Bracing- it is used to give support the longer bars to provide them stability and strength. Hence proper bracing is very much essential to provide stability under tension.

If you do not know the correct bracing and stretcher bar profile for your canvas, then you can take help from the internet. You will get the information about the standard profile that is widely used by the artist for their project.

After considering all the above points now, you can buy the stretcher bars either online or from the shop that is in your locality.

Use stretcher bars by following these steps

Stretcher Barsare prevalent in use for holding the canvas. Selecting the right stretcher bar and assembling it correctly is essential. They are not only the wooden bars but are the very important thing to form a frame. By doing the small adjustment in the wood and using certain finesse a smooth frame can be made.

You should know which type of stretcher bar is right. You can also make a stretcher bar yourself. Instead of buying you can make your own bar, and lipped edge bar is the best to make it yourself. You can make it easier. It looks like the small piece of a triangle. Insert Lipped edge in between the hollow space of the stretcher bar which makes it easy to construct the canvas. That is the simple canvas stretcher frame in which you can assemble canvas easily.
• Lock the stretcher bars tightly and place canvas sheet on the clear surface.

• The size of the sheet should be larger than the canvas stretcher frame.

• You will need staple gun and pliers for the next step. Fold the sheet from one corner and then staple it. Repeat it with the other side.

• Use pliers for a tight grip and then staple away.

• It’s time to work on the remaining corners. Stretch the sheet and form triangle by pinching both sides.

• Overlap one sheet over the other and staple for three times (minimum). If the sheet is thick, then you will need to staple few more times.

• Turn the canvas and check the tightness. To check it taps your finger at the center of the canvas and if it bends it means it is loose.

• Apply a coat of gesso, and your canvas is ready. Gesso is an acrylic paint which makes the surface of canvas hard.

Now you know how to make stretcher bars at home and you can save your money.


For so long as humans have already been humans, we have been drawing and painting on items. Whether that become on caves or on stained cup windows, artwork desires a medium which to be displayed, to enjoy. The modern day time stretcher bar is definitely a cog in the machinery that encourages artwork in its rawest type, on canvas. However, think about its history?

There is not an enormous level of information surrounding the foundation of Wooden Stretcher Bars for canvases, nevertheless we’ve scoured the web and books to think about a short and hopefully informative blog page on whatever we have within our research. It is important to add that there surely is perhaps more info out now there. We’d be delighted to add it in this website post and revise it regularly if you tell us in the responses below.

Canvas stretcher bars, as you’d expect, comes after most of the background of painting on canvas. Using canvas painting became well-known in Italy through the renaissance period (1400 – 1700). Its broadly thought that Venetians we’re the first ever to make use of canvas for banners, where artists saw a chance as opposed to their wooden panels for the storage space and handling great things about their completed masterpieces. You can’t roll-up a sheet of hardwood! It wasn’t also simply for portability factors. Using canvas was the just methods to earn a large flat work surface to paint on.

“Now let us discuss how to focus on cloth. To begin with, extend it taut on a framework, and begin by nailing down the lines of the seams. Then bypass with tacks to obtain it extended evenly and systematically, in order that it has every thread correctly arranged”

In such notes Cennini identifies it getting rolled or folded. This implied that it could have been on some type of stretching framework and is normally possibly the earliest recognised recording of what provides evolved to end up being Wooden Stretcher Bars today.