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The unique origins of the kopi luwak

The origins of the name
The luwak is a small cat like creature (the Asian Palm civet) which usually lurks after dark. It consumes the best crops as it roams the farmlands of South-Eastern Asia. It consumes the coffee beans and defecates the coffee seeds after it passes through the digestive tract of the animals along with other fecal matter. These defecated seeds are then collected and made to go through various processes to finally be grounded and brewed into a new type of coffee. Kopi is the Indonesian name for coffee. Thus the word Kopi luwak is derived from the animal that eats and thus produces this unique variety of coffee and the native word for coffee itself.

Originally, the seeds were collected from the excreta of luwaks in the wild and then processed. This happened when the native farmers were barred by the European planters to pick coffee seeds for their personal needs. The farmers wanted to keep tasting the famed coffee beverage and so this gave rise to the now famous kopi luwak.
Despite being in feces, the coffee beans do not contain any of the pathogenic organisms that are associated with feces or contain a very negligible amount of it. The further processes of roasting also ensures that any remaining pathogen is gotten rid of. Indonesia, particularly Sumatra, is the largest producer of the Kopi luwak. It is also produced by other Asian countries such as the Phillipines and East Timor.
The most expensive coffee in the world
Due to its unique method of production, it is rare and is valued and often called the most expensive coffee in the world. If you wish to know where to buy kopi luwak, go online and find some of the fine online stores where you can (purchase kopi luwak) purchase coffee luwak at the best prices and of the best quality.