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Dreambaby retractable gate- Know about its features

If you have any small baby in your house, then you must know how difficult is to take care of them. With their little feet they move out of the house or go anywhere when you are not around them. Especially if you are working women, then it is even harder for you to keep your eyes on your baby every time. Thus to ensure their safety you need something that restricts them to move here and there. Therefore, you must use the dreambaby retractable gate .

Dreambaby retractable gate is very popular and is widely used in the modern households. The retractable gate is handy for your child safety. These gates are very costly, but you may not hesitate to spend extra money for the safety of your child. These are expendables and can be utilized for additional full spaces. All the retractable baby gates are made up of mesh that is non-toxic. It means it is extremely safe for your child.
If you are worried from where to buy them then relax; you can get them online. You can easily purchase from online stores that provide the dreambaby retractable gate. You must know the features of it before buying. Here are some of the features given below to help you.

Features of the dreambaby retractable gate-
• It has the gate width of 55 inches.
• It has the height of 31inch.
• It is made up of plastic and mesh material.
• Galvanized hardware is used to protect it from rust.
• You can use it for outdoor and indoor use.
• It is easy to move.
• It is suitable for hallways, stairs, and doorways.
• It can be easily cleaned with the soap and water.
• Installing the dreambaby retractable gate is easy.
• Dreambaby retractable gate comes with the space kit to adjust the baseboards.
With all the features given above now you know why the dreambaby retractable gate is best option to keep your baby safe.

What are the ways to burglar proof your windows

The windows of the home are usually the easiest for burglars to break in. These are often overlooked by my home owners who invest in solid locks and doors for their house but leave the windows vulnerable.

The different methods of burglar proofing the windows are to use reinforced glass. Tempered glass is more durable and so less easy for the burglar to break into. Laminated glass can be used as well. This has a vinyl layer between glasses. In order to break these windows, the burglar would have to strike several times and create a huge ruckus in the interim which will be a deterrent to any thief or burglar. Acrylic plastic windows can also be used. These are 10 times stronger than normal glass.

Burglar bars are another excellent way to keep out burglars. Even if the thieves manage to break the glass of the window, they will not be able to squeeze in between the bars in order to enter. Most people however do not like burglar bars as they feel it gives a jailed in look. However, there are different options available. One can choose transparent burglar bars which are available. These clear burglar bars are polycarbonate burglar bars and they can withstand up to 3000 kgs of force. If one does not want these, then decorative window bars are another option that can be chosen. These can be customized so that they suit the design of the home.

Another method is to have window alarms. These detect when the window is opened or broken and the alarm goes off. Due to the racket created, the burglar usually flees.

The simplest solution is using a deadbolt or a good lock. Upper levels can even be fitted with window sash locks. These are affordable and act as a deterrent for most thieves. click here to get more information Burglar Bars Gauteng.