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Why do people hack facebook account?

Over the world, there are different people living and every person has its own identity and nature such as more curious, and some may be very kind. These kind of human emotions are made across facebook and such becomes an Easy way to hack facebook accounts. With the growing use of technology, there are various inventions and methods been involved that help hacker in grabbing other persons details easily. Hacking a facebook account of an individual has two aspects it can be bad also and can be good also. Bad when you hack the details or someone due to the wrong intension and good in the case when you want the details having right intension.

So here are the reasons for people to hack facebook account:
Due to jealousy
There are various reasons for people to hack facebook account some do this kind of hacking activities due to anger, worry and sometimes jealousy also. People hack their friend’s account because they need to know the reasons of wrong doing. But today, there are people who do such activities due to obsession or to have revenge from competitors. Perhaps there are still some people who worry about their family, friends and their soul mates well beings getting into their facebook account.
When your innocent crush turns into obsession
Obsession is the most worrying problem on facebook. It is very much common to get attracted to someone whom you like, but sometime this innocent crush becomes an obsession for people and makes them hack facebook account.

Being friendly to others
Some people usually hack facebook accounts due to the criminal aspect; they try getting the details of the others and making them irritate by doing wrong activities. But on the other side, there are some good hackers also which helps individuals hide their personal information. So, nobody could easily identify their information on facebook.
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