Mobile Strike – A Beginners Guide

Among the trickiest things in Mobile Strike combat is working what’s a good attack and what’s a poorattack.There is a Whole Lot of things to take into account:

• Troop Numbers

• Troop Types

• Boosts

• Commander Level

• Equipment

• Headquarters Level

A good attack is one in which your combination of all of the aforementioned factors is importantly more powerful than your competitor’s, leading to a lot of kills for you and few for your competitor.

Many gamers simply use power level to check whether a person is safe to attack.This is sometimes useful early on, but later in the game skill level can mean many different things (and a few players intentionally keep their power level low tobail attacks).

Obviously scouting your opponent is your most effective possible away to evaluate your chance but in the lack of this, there are a couple of tips which could be useful.Because of the huge number of factors I have been required to generalize a whole lot, but hopefully Mobile Strike Hackwill be helpful as a beginning point.

Power Level

If you power is same or lower than your competitor then you need to almost never strike.Attacking an opponent of equivalent power is generally advisable — they are going to have hospitals to rescue their troops, and since the attacker you won’t.It should go without saying that attacking someone with more power is almost always a bad idea (unless of course you’ve scouted them and understand that they have no or few troops).

For those who have significantly more energy than your opponent then it’s a sign that it may be safe to attack.But this alone is insufficient information to ensure a secure to attack as a few players intentionally retain their power levels low to lure attacks (that is called a trap accounts).The only way to make sure would be to scout them, but if they’re using anti-scout then you’ll need to use a Mobile Strike Hack to increase your level of certainty.

Stronghold Level

A player can’t update their Research Centre greater than the level of the Headquarters that provides you an indicator of how powerful their research is.Two important researches are:

• HQ Level 8 — For Maximum 2 Troops

• HQ Level 15 — For Tier 3 Troops

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