Do you know what the word celebrity means?

Fame and attention of the media is another name of celebrity. This is used for a person or a couple. Celebrity is the person who has attention seeking ability. Where ever he goes, large number of people will be there to entertain him or even get his signature or the new selfie trend.

• What makes a person called as a celebrity?
Career in sports and film industry are connected with becoming celebrity. Political leaders are really celebrities. The other reason why one is called as a celebrity is due the attention ones get. Public attention, big number of followers, some controversial actions or incidents, or even their wealth are among the many reasons that make a person as a celebrity. Many are in lime light due their link with some celebrity. There are a big number of celebrities in the world. – this site helps you to know about some famous celebrities.
• Is there a guarantee to become a celebrity?
Not every field provides you with a chance to become a celebrity. Generally those areas that are followed by a big number of people have given a big number of celebrities. Areas like that of sports and entertainment medium like singing, or acting have given many celebrities. As this zones are preferred by maximum rather than business or politics. Visit the site and know about some successful celebrities in the field of sports and entertainment. This site will show about many celebrities who have received fame and made wealth through their work.

The wealth of the celebrities is even beyond the imagination of a common person. Magazine on annual basis is released by the Forbes that shows the wealth of top highest paid celebrities all over the world. The total wealth of the top celebrities is in billions. Go and visit and know about many famous and top celebrities. click here to get more information celebrity net worth.

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